2019 – we have 11 years

On October 8, last year, the UN announced we had 12 years to get things on track with meaningful reductions in emissions. Or else face “climate catastrophe.”

What is Canada doing? Canada just bought a pipeline for 4.5 billion, and is using extreme force against aboriginal people trying to stop another one. But – is imposing a federal carbon tax on provinces that don’t have one, for what it’s worth. As of a week ago emissions continue to rise in British Columbia, a Canadian province with a supposedly good carbon tax.

The USA? Recently (2017) pulled out of the Paris Accord, is appointing climate deniers to top positions, the government is partially shut down, and it’s generally falling apart politically. On the upside there is Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal.

The UK, one of the western nations with the best climate records, having passed the first real climate legislation, and cut emissions “by 43% below 1990 levels in 2017,” is in political free fall, with a confidence vote on the May government tomorrow after a stunning defeat of their poorly thought out Brexit plan.

France? Macron had to step back from his carbon gas tax after riots in the streets by the “yellow vests.” A motion which continues to grow, although it’s not clear if it’s gaining or losing momentum.

We now have 11 years. Although there are a few small glimmers of hope, it’s not looking good. This is where we are.

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