Author / disclaimer

I am a father, lawyer, university instructor, and human being. We are at an unprecedented time in human history, where we are faced with a conscious choice, as a species, to destroy ourselves, or to move into a new relationship with ourselves, our home, and our cellmates.

Our greatest gifts are our minds, our hearts, and our human spirit. We have the technology to save us - the innovations we need are social, political, legal, and personal. In my view only innovations of the heart and mind in concert will open the door to our future and our children's futures.

This blog is intended to put forth ideas for consideration, discussion, and open use. Seeing as we don't have time for perfection, some may be imperfect, or "in development." Feel free to develop them.

The views here are purely my own and for the purposes of academic discourse, and social, cultural and political commentary. In no way should anything in this blog be considered legal advice.


Patrick C. Canning